Carters of Moseley


European, British, Vegetarian Friendly

2C Wake Green Road,
Birmingham B13 9EZ

Carters of Moseley

Carters of Moseley beckons to those who cherish the outdoors, infusing its interior with a rustic charm reminiscent of leisurely outdoor activities like hunting and fishing. The skilful incorporation of wooden accents, from furniture to decorative elements, fosters an inviting connection to nature, enveloping guests in an ambiance of comfort and homely delight.

Through meticulous online project management, the restaurant underwent a thoughtful transformation. The flooring was reimagined, doors were elegantly replaced, and soft, light shades of paint were expertly chosen to create an illusion of expanded space, enhancing each room’s openness.

Embracing a timeless aesthetic, Carters of Moseley radiates classic charm. Textiles and artwork thoughtfully placed along the walls, in accordance with the designer’s vision, add to the refined atmosphere. Every inch of this interior has been crafted anew, a bespoke journey from conception to reality, resulting in a dining haven that truly stands apart.