Ikon Gallery



1 Oozells Square, Brindleyplace
Birmingham, B1 2HS


Ikon Gallery

Nestled within Birmingham’s cultural tapestry, Ikon Gallery exudes an unassuming allure that belies its significance as a bastion of contemporary art. With a history stretching back to its inception in 1965, Ikon Gallery has quietly established itself as a modest yet influential platform for emerging and established artists alike.

Situated in a corner of the city that echoes with creative energy, Ikon Gallery stands as a beacon for those seeking thought-provoking and innovative artistic expressions. Its unpretentious interior houses a carefully curated collection that traverses various mediums, from captivating paintings to immersive installations, fostering an environment where creativity knows no bounds.

In its modest elegance, Ikon Gallery offers a sanctuary for both artists and art enthusiasts to engage in meaningful conversations through its exhibitions and events. With a commitment to nurturing artistic dialogues and pushing the boundaries of conventional aesthetics, the gallery creates an atmosphere that encourages visitors to explore, reflect, and connect with the ever-evolving art scene in Birmingham.

Ikon Gallery’s unassuming exterior gives way to a world of inspiration and contemplation, making it a cherished destination for those who appreciate art’s ability to spark curiosity and ignite imagination.

Opening Hours:
Wednesday – Sunday and Bank Holiday Mondays, 11am – 5pm