Indian, Asian, Vegetarian Friendly

3-4 Dakota Buildings
James Street, St Paul’s Square
Birmingham B3 1SD


Nestled in the heart of Birmingham, Lasan stands as an inviting haven for culinary enthusiasts. The restaurant captures an essence of understated elegance, offering a refined yet unassuming dining experience. The interior is designed to create an atmosphere of tasteful simplicity, embracing the essence of the city’s culture.

Every detail is thoughtfully curated, contributing to an ambiance that seamlessly blends modern comfort with an air of sophistication. Subtle design touches, complemented by a warm and welcoming atmosphere, make Lasan a destination of choice for those who appreciate both culinary artistry and a relaxed setting.

The menu at Lasan showcases a delightful array of culinary creations, spanning from time-honoured classics to innovative contemporary dishes. A dedication to utilizing locally sourced and thoughtfully curated ingredients is at the heart of each culinary masterpiece.

With a tasteful selection of libations, the bar adds to the overall experience, offering a range of beverages expertly crafted to complement the diverse flavors of the cuisine. The option for private dining further elevates the experience, allowing guests to indulge in an intimate setting.

In sum, Lasan epitomizes a harmonious convergence of exceptional cuisine, modest luxury, and attentive service, making it a cherished destination for those seeking an unpretentious yet refined dining encounter in Birmingham.

Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Friday, 12pm – 2.30pm & 5pm – 10pm
Saturday, 12pm – 11pm
Sunday, 12pm – 9pm


Building located in the city center. The task is to create a modern and yet handy and comfortable environment for leisure